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Human Resource Professional

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Human Resource Professional

“Working with Insight Talent Solutions is like getting a breath of fresh air." - Nicole J. Morehouse, AVP Human Resources

Working with Human Resource Professional Teams

We truly enjoy working alongside Human Resource Professionals and aid them in the process of finding their ideal candidate.   We consider ourselves to be partners with them and their team while offering additional talent towards their pipeline.

Our Human Resource Professional Teams are given their own “Basecamp” where we store candidate’s records, files, resumes and notes from our recruiters.  We pride ourselves on our communication skills and provide daily updates on the status of our search to the Human Resource Professional Team. 

Our goal is to save our Human Resource Professional Teams time in conducting in-depth interviews of candidates and provide streamlined reports, allowing them to review at their leisure. Additionally, and if needed, we like to help manage the process of checking candidate’s references, educational backgrounds, and credentials for our Human Resource Professional Teams.  

We find that regularly communicating with our Human Resource Professional Teams is the best way to partner up and ensure timely placement of candidates.