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Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy

Leadership, Team Building, and Pre-Employment Assessments

Due to increased demand for Management Consultancy services, Insight Talent Solutions now offers Hogan Team Building, Leadership and Pre-employment Assessments. We also offer The McQuaig Institute Pre-Employment Assessments. Research shows that a bad hire typically costs a company 150% of his or her annual salary. In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations cannot afford to continue to invest in mediocre employees who don’t truly have the company’s value and mission at heart.

At Insight Talent Solutions, we’ve taken our role as your strategic partner to the next level. That’s why we’ve partnered with Hogan Solutions and the McQuaig Institute to offer you high quality, reputable Pre-Employment Assessments that will give you the confidence that you are investing in the right person when you hire.

Hogan Assessments

  • Hogan’s Assessment Model is based on a 3 Step Process:
    • Create
    • Customize
    • Compare
  • Based around a robust, customizable web-based platform, Hogan offers the following assessments:
    • Personality
    • Development
    • Motives, Values, and Preferences
    • Business Reasoning

Hogan has performed over 2 million assessments and continue to evaluate their practices through research. A recent ROI Case Study found:

  • Leaders that met Hogan’s excellent fit requirements were nearly 3 times more likely to have high customer satisfaction ratings and 2.5 times more likely to be a strong fit within the company’s culture
  • Sales representative that Hogan identified as high fit had 6.5 times higher sales growth as those considered low fit.
  • Hogan’s excellent fit individuals were 3 times more likely to be rated as above average performers by managers.

To learn more about how the Hogan model works, click below!

McQuaig Institute

  • The McQuaig Institute’s Assessments are based on a 3 Step Process:
    • Define
    • Assess
    • Develop
  • Why choose McQuaig?
    • Since 1966, the McQuaig Process has been providing companies with real data based on measuring the “Big Five” personality traits, along with Norms, according to roles and demographics.
    • McQuaig gives you one simple, convenient web-based system that can be used anywhere, anytime. The McQuaig system provides useful reports and tools, such as a Job Fit Report, Interview Questions, Coaching Reports and Self-Development Tips.
    • Assessments are available for a variety of positions across hundreds of industries.