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The PDCA Cycle

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The PDCA Cycle

When engaging in search, Insight uses the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) process, which is an effective tool for the practice of implementing “kaizen” (a Japanese term for “improvement”). The PCDA concept was made popular by Edwards Deming, the father of modern quality management.

PDCA is effective because it allows the user to:

  • Achieve higher quality in results and processes
  • Gain continual increases in work efficiency
  • Clearly see which stage a project is at
  • Handle work logically and systematically

The following is a description of how Insight uses the 4-step cycle for better search:

Plan: For Insight, this begins with a detailed discussion with you, our clients, to learn what your needs are. This allows us to decide what methods are necessary in order to be successful in the search.

Do: With a solid plan in place, Insight’s sourcers and recruiters tackle the search with great attention to detail and the best in technology.

Check: This is an important step in the PDCA process. Insight engages an account manager for each search to check in with the recruiters and evaluate the process. The account manager converses daily with the recruiters to overcome obstacles, give feedback, and assist with the search. We also allow the client to “check in” through access anytime to their Basecamp that updates the search progress as it happens.

Act: Once problems have been identified or obstacles, our team works hard to continue a smooth-flowing process designed to perfect the recruiting process and give you what you need.