On April 24th, 2014 Insight Talent Solutions proudly sponsored the National Center for Women and Information Technology WI chapter (NCWIT-WI) which awarded 24 young women for their Aspirations in Computing.

Insight Talent Solutions was excited to reach out to young women just beginning their professional career in the IT industry and to celebrate their accomplishments. With a decline in recent years of women entering the field IT, Sandra Marie Smith, owner and president of Insight Talent Solutions, says, “NCWIT-WI is a great organization that encourages young women to pursue a career in IT. Because Insight Talent Solutions is committed to supporting the Information System’s industry, it is a natural fit for Insight Talent Solutions to partner with NCWIT-WI as an Affiliate Member.”

The event not only gives special recognition to high school students statewide, it also connects young women to a growing community of mentors and other young women who are passionate about IT, providing them access to scholarship and internship opportunities. These resources serve as a guide for young students, helping them navigate their career and discuss interests, questions, and concerns with those that are knowledgeable about the field they hope to pursue.

With over 20 years of experience hiring in the IT field, Smith says, “Many times, as young women begin their career – they have questions but don’t know who to ask for help. Organization’s such as NCWIT-WI provide a forum for these future professionals to explore the profession and find inspiration through these events as well as meet others who can help encourage them.”

Insight Talent Solutions would like to thank all the volunteers who made this event such a great success. Insight is proud to partner with of such a fine organization and wishes the best of luck to these future IT leaders as they begin their careers.

By: Cassandra Czech, Marketing Analyst, Insight Talent Solutions

Sources: Women In It: The Facts by Catherine Ashcraft, Ph. D and Sarah Blithe (NCWIT)

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