On January 21st, 2015, Insight Talent Solutions’ Founder & President, Sandra M. Smith, was featured as a guest speaking for the University of WI-Madison’s E-Business Consortium’s (UWEBC) “IT Peer Group Meeting – IT Staffing Challenges & Development.” Smith spoke to a group of over 80 leaders from local WI businesses on IT staffing & development issues, detailing how rural companies can compete with larger organizations to attract top talent. Smith’s presentation also focused on the topic of “Recruiting and the Generation Gap,” specifically addressing how companies can gain and retain talent as scores of Baby Boomers prepare for retirement. She also took part in the Panel Lead Group Discussion along with other industry leaders. View the complete presentation here.

Smith’s presentation also featured an explanation on the benefits companies can realize by implementing a Mentor Program between new hires and seasoned professionals within their company. Benefits of Mentor Programs have been reported for mentors and mentees, as well as the supervising company. Some of these benefits include increased skills, better leadership, improved retention & increase productivity. Smith further explained that companies can also benefit from implementing a Personal Development Plan (PDP) among their new hires, especially for Millennials & Generation X-ers. Reported benefits of PDP’s include greater learning, expertise growth and improved performance among employees. Click here to access a Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Mentor Programs & Personal Development Plans, as well as the benefits of utilizing these programs.

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