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Freeosk, Chicago IL

Eric Lopez used to work incredibly long hours as a graphic designer. In 2016, he learned his company would soon be letting him go, but his demanding schedule allowed him no time to conduct a job search. Then he was contacted by Insight Talent Solutions and began working with Sr. Recruiter, Sandra Smith. That was the turning point for Eric and today he happily works as a UX Designer/Developer for Freeosk in Chicago. He graciously sat down with me to share his story.


What was your previous role and can you tell me about your experience at that position?

“I used to work for a global exchange program. I was a graphic designer and worked a ton. I was constantly traveling and waking up at 3 am just to be on conference calls with people across the globe. It was very demanding and overall not very healthy. I had a big project in June and after that the company was going to let me go, based on it not doing so well. That is when I knew I had to find something else. Sandra reached out to me and it changed everything. It was like I was brought back, and I was not hopeless and just counting the days down until I was unemployed after June.”

Can you tell me about your experience at Freeosk? How do you like your new role? 

“I love it! A perfect fit would be an understatement. I am happy every time I wake up. I never thought I would be this happy going to work. I work with a team that has become my family. Every day, I am so excited to collaborate with my team and help Freeosk grow.”

What made you want to respond to Insight Talent Solutions’ message and see what we had to offer?

“After I did my first call with Sandra she mentioned the company Freeosk. I never heard of that company so I did some research on it. I found out that they were a startup in downtown Chicago and liked their overall motive. I like the fact that it is a startup because it is always fast-paced and never a slow day. Sandra was so confident that they were looking for someone just like me and she was right! I got the job! Sandra was great and I could trust her that she would put me up for a perfect position.”

What was the benefit of going through Insight Talent Solutions verses directly through an HR recruit in the company you work for now?

“Sandra really cared about me and she really wanted me to get the job for my sake and happiness. She not only prepared me for my interview physically but mentally as well, and I really liked what she had to say. I talked to other recruiters since my job was going to be letting me go in a few months, and I feel like none of them were as caring or gave me as much of their time as Sandra did. She is very personable and looks out for you.”

Did you feel like Insight prepared you properly for the interview? In what ways?

“Yes! Sandra prepared me mentally and physically for the interview. She told me what the company was looking for and how to accent my strengths towards that. She was even great on reviewing and helping with my resume.”

How was your experience meeting a new company for the first time with Insight’s help, compared to if you had been “on your own”?

“If it was not for Insight I would have stayed at my old job until they let me go. None of the other recruiting agencies gave as much as Sandra did. Not to mention, I never would have even heard of Freeosk, and Sandra gave me tips to prepare for the interview that I never would have thought about. She had an insight with the company and she was there to help me seal the deal.”

What would you tell a friend or relative about Insight if they were looking for work?

“I would recommend anyone right away to work with Insight. In fact, I have a buddy who is looking right now! I worked with other agencies and Insight was by far the best and would be my first recommendation to anyone.”


Melanie Cain

Written by Melanie Cain

Melanie is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee studying marketing with an international business certificate. She holds Deans List status at the Lubar School of Business and is the Vice President of Professional Development in her collegiate American Marketing Association chapter. Melanie has been with Insight Talent Solutions since October 2015 as a Recruiting Intern. She recently began the journey to her marketing career as our Marketing Analyst. Melanie has also maintained a Marketing and Operations internship with Delaware North Sportservice at Miller Park for the MLB Season. She looks forward to watch and help with Insights growth and to start her career in Event Marketing.

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