Dec 8, 2016 5:12:49 PM / by Cassandra Czech

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released its November 2016 report and the findings are good for job seekers – hires are up and unemployment numbers remain low. While this is good news for employees, companies seeking to fill roles may find themselves lost in the competition. Not only are there just not enough skilled workers to go around, but finding and successfully engaging talent can be hard. Many companies struggle to stand out to top talent, especially with all the noise from big corporations.

How can employers stay competitive in this environment and get the recognition they deserve from job seekers, while still controlling costs? Consider choosing a local RPO recruiting firm. Many HR experts agree that one of the best human resource solutions available is choosing RPO recruitment to manage hiring needs without breaking the budget. However, with RPO growing in popularity, many companies face the tough decision of wondering which RPO recruitment firm to choose. Below are just some of the reasons why choosing local recruiting agencies to manage your RPO needs will give you the results you desire:

1. Cost Savings

According to the Talent Acquisition Factbook 2015, the average cost per hire for U.S. companies is $4,000. If your company has multiple hard-to-fill positions the hiring process can quickly become a costly and daunting task. A key benefit of choosing RPO is that you can control costs, which will result in a reduction of cost per hire. By choosing a local RPO firm, you can take cost savings one step further. Local RPO companies allow you to tap into a pool of local talent, meaning relocation and retention costs will remain low when you bring on a candidate that is already established in the area.However, don’t think that a local RPO company will tie you down to only local candidates. Local RPO is a great partner when it comes to relocating talent because the recruiter will be able to assist the candidate with understanding local culture, finding housing, and promoting attractions and community events.

2. Reduce Time to Fill

The Talent Acquisition Factbook 2015 also found that it takes an average of 52 days to fill an open position. Tie that together with the opportunity cost of unfilled jobs and it’s no wonder why reduced time to fill is the top reason HR Leaders engage a recruiting agency. By choosing a local RPO firm, companies will enjoy significant time to fill reduction because local RPO providers will already have a reputation built with candidates in the area, as well as an extended talent database to draw from.

3. Better Quality of Candidate

By choosing local RPO, you can set yourself up to present your best image to potential candidates. Local recruiters are able to come on-site to meet with you in person – allowing them to get to know the team for the role they are recruiting, and get a better understanding of your company culture. This translates to the recruiter submitting candidates that are much more in line with your needs and company brand. Local RPO companies are ideal for ensuring that the candidate and the prospective company are a great fit for each other.

4. Local Prosperity

Partnering with local RPO providers will help your company better establish itself within the community. Many local recruitment agencies invest in building relationships within their community and will already have recognition among those residents. Their positive relationship will carry over to you, positioning your company to become an employer of choice. Not only will you benefit from access to a strong local talent pipeline, but you will also have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping build a thriving local economy.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed when choosing an RPO firm, remember the benefits of choosing local. A local RPO firm addresses some of the top human resource metrics concerns by lowering cost per hire, reducing time to fill and your turnover rate. Many RPO firms promise to present you with candidates, but the key to success is engaging candidates that are going to thrive in your company’s culture in the long run. After all, the US Department of Labor estimates that the cost of a bad hire is at least 30% of the employee’s first year earnings. By choosing a firm that clearly understands your needs, your culture, and your community, you can avoid the common pitfalls of hiring and engage talent that is a true fit.

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