Oct 31, 2012 8:30:00 AM / by Lindsay Ryback

Are job boards really the best option for job searching in today’s market? According to the “Get Hired Fast” webpage, job board sites and newspaper ads are things of the past. With an ample amount of qualified candidates fighting for these same positions, the odds are against you to even getting an interview; let alone land the job.

Sandra Smith of Insight Solutions mentions that people often feel too busy to invest in building professional networks. But when “an unexpected job change or loss occurs-they have no one to turn to”. Do not expect help during these times, if you’ve snubbed and rudely rejected recruiters on user group sites when they’ve approached you in the past. That is why it is wise to build a relationship with a recruiter who can become a “life-long advisor and career partner before you need one. Consider it a ‘career favor’ savings account.”

People to stay connected with:

  • Co-workers
  • Business acquaintances
  • Former bosses
  • Recruiters that you’ve found to be helpful
  • Friends/People you encounter in your similar job market

You should be ready to give and take with your professional contacts. Make sure you ask them what you can do for them?

What can you do to stay connected and show you care?

  • Email
  • Call
  • Schedule lunch meetings/ Coffee Time
  • Contribute to User Groups
  • Give back to the Community
  • Stay connected via Social Media Sites by building strong profiles

Smith says, these actions “get the attention of the best employers-the ones you want to work for.”

What can Insight provide for you?

  • Free Career Consultation with our professionally trained recruiters
  • Sounding Board
  • Listen with Honest Feedback
  • Resume Ideas and Suggestions
  • Helps you eliminate a gap that you might be feeling in your present job
  • “What to do?” Confidential career advice for situations that are not working

Smith says, “Employers look very close at your work history, so ensure your future by making each move be a wise one. Having a career partner can help you make better choices. Technology makes this much easier so there is no excuse for not staying connected.” Face it; finding a job has become heavily dependent on networking!

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