Her eyes are irresistibly charming; her smile kind and genuine. She seems to be intelligent, ambitious, and artistic. She has an MBA from Harvard, plays the violin, and runs two marathons per year.

His face is tan and strong; his eyes look kind and friendly. He’s been a practicing physician for ten years and offers free healthcare to impoverished communities. He’s traveled all over the world and seems compassionate, motivated, and adventurous.

And as you sit on your couch, scrolling through countless faces on the screen in front of you, you can’t help but wonder…. Are these people real? Would you be a good match? Who are they really? Is it worth your time to learn more about them and find out if you would be compatible?

You start to feel discouraged. A feeling of overwhelm creeps in, and you realize that online dating is eerily similar to searching for a job. Both processes can be time-consuming, intimidating, and mentally draining, but if the outcome is positive, you know your life may drastically improve and become significantly more enjoyable and meaningful.

You click away from the dating websites and start searching for job openings in your field of specialty. You find several that seem promising and decide to fill out an application.

You begin by filling out your personal information, experience, education, and notice that thirty minutes have passed, and you are only halfway through the application. You feel agitated that it’s taking so long and that many of the questions seem irrelevant and generic, but you finish filling it out and click “submit.” And, if you are like most people who fill out online job applications, you wait…

And wait….

And wait….

Weeks pass, and still you hear nothing. You consider utilizing the services of the recruiter that calls you ten times per week, but they are just so impudent and annoying that you are skeptical if they even care about helping you to find a job that is meaningful and exciting to you.

What do you do?

You can reach out to a recruiter who utilizes a different approach and takes the time to build a personal connection with you instead of offering you a sales pitch about jobs that you have no interest in.

During a focus group that Insight Talent Solutions conducted, Sandra Smith, President & Founder of Insight, discovered that qualified candidates are being bombarded with irrelevant messages by recruiters, treated with a lack of respect, and sent messages and left voicemails that are unclear and feel like spam.

Sandra commented on this saying, “This is deplorable behavior and I would be frustrated too. This is why I do things differently. I’m the recruiter who will listen to you, who stays up-to-date on market trends and job developments, who helps to keep you informed and plan your next move, or, if you aren’t interested in making a career move, who helps to guide you in making the most of your current job.”

Did you know a good recruiter will also help you discuss salary increases and compare job benefits? A reputable recruiter is dedicated to your success, has years of experience, an approachable demeanor, is a good listener, and has success stories from people just like you.

Online dating can be overwhelming, so can searching for a job, but have hope that there can be a positive outcome for you! Just as having chemistry with your potential partner is key, so is having chemistry with your recruiter and future employer.

Interested in talking to someone about your 2018 career goals? We are here for you and would love the opportunity to connect with you and offer our expertise! Contact Sandra Smith at (262) 782-7255 or for assistance in taking your career to the next level.


About Insight Talent Solutions

Insight Talent Solutions is a full-service recruitment firm that has successfully been serving the greater Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago areas for the past ten years.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to fill roles ranging from the board of director to executive and professional level searches. We use a creative, respectful, and engaging approach to enable us to find the best candidates for our clients. We have a genuine passion for people and take time to understand your unique story so that we can help lead you to even greater success.

About Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith is the Founder & President of Insight Talent Solutions. With over 25 years of recruiting experience she is a Practice Leader of Executive & Professional Search in the following areas: Information Technology (IT), eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain, Logistics, Strategic Sourcing, ERP, and Human Resources & Recruiting. She is a certified Mcquaig Systems Evaluator and a member of SHRM and NAPS. Her specialties include RPO, Custom Recruiting programs, and Pre-Employement/Talent Development Assessments. Connect with Sandra on LinkedIn!

About the Author

Amy Roesch is the Copywriter at Insight Talent Solutions. She uses her creativity and passion for writing to help develop Insight’s blogs, job descriptions, eBooks, white papers, and more. She enjoys researching current job-related trends to give professionals the tools they need to manage and improve their careers. Connect with Amy on LinkedIn!



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