How do you know if your company is prehistoric? Have you kept up with industry trends? What about talent trends? While older generations might hang their heads and grind through a gray workday, the rising talent community will stay where there is a need.

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” – Leadership expert, Simon Sinek

I could probably fill this entire blog post with Sinek quotes – don’t worry, I won’t! – because his ideas about leadership and what really drives a team are truly inspired. With fair weather and summer vacations to look forward to, employees can easily lose focus at work. The sun is shining! Why be stuck in a cubicle? If your organization is struggling to retain top talent, it’s likely that your company culture needs a refresh. Today’s blog is inspired by the balance between the current talent shortage and the aim to retain your best employees. Nobody wants to feel like a nameless cog in a machine. If you want your team to be at their best, they need to feel engaged with their workplace.

Employee retention goes beyond salary. Top performers don’t leave because of their job, they leave because of their employer. Do you take the time to solicit feedback, promote open communication, or offer small incentives to promote employee engagement? The best way to keep your workforce happy is to know what they’re thinking. By staying in tune with your team, you build loyalty within your organization.

Harvard Business Review wants human resources leaders to get out of an archaic hiring mindset: their best managers don’t just find a person to fill a role – when they find an outstanding candidate, they can create a job to fit the person, not a person to fit the job. HBR’s recent article pinpoints three aspects that keep talented staffers coming back to work: meaningful work, utilizing their strengths, and active career development.

While passion is a great driving force to ignite a long-term career, not everyone can identify their purpose within a company, and sometimes, their job description is not enough. That’s where other aspects of employee engagement come into play. Affordable company incentives go a long way to provide your team with a healthy work/life balance – let them leave early on a sunny Friday, or better yet, give them a whole (paid) Friday off! Not only will that bonus long weekend let them unwind, they’ll come in on Monday refreshed, with a revived appreciation for their boss.     Another small way to show appreciation is to be present; knowing to inquire after a sick relative, a lost pet, a new baby, or even dropping off a birthday card when appropriate leaves a lasting impression and builds a solid working relationship. I’ll let author Betty Bender conclude this post: When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.

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