Recently, I attended the M7 Economic Development Forum: Developing 21st Century Talent event. The subject? Yes – recruitment and retention. (Gasp!) The event hosted several leading Milwaukee area organizations, offering fascinating programs on addressing concerns about the current skills gap and the skill sets needed by changing business demands.

At lunch, I had the opportunity to network with an HR Leader from the area who wanted to better understand how to get Senior Managers to be more accepting and willing to work with Millennials. She voiced that it’s not the Millennials that are the problem, it’s the “old-school” managers who aren’t willing to learn new things and collaborate more with their younger team members. They are hung up on the 8-5 workday and “top down” work environment. They don’t want to change their ways, even though the world changing around them.

Stop and think about this for a minute.

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times – people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers. When the job market is plentiful, it doesn’t take much to leave for greener pastures. It seems to me that the Baby Boomers are envious and resentful of the Millennials. Why? For one, Millennials aren’t afraid to ask for what they want and believe they deserve – they aren’t as bound to a company as they are to their principals. If they don’t believe they are contributing to meaningful work or feel valued by their team, they’ll walk away.

This is where the “2 C’s” come in: communication and compensation. Managers who fail to communicate in a way that is adaptive to an employee as an individual will lose their top performers. Companies who are unwilling to adjust compensation will lose talent as well, and high turnover rates cost more than you think. Yes, sometimes your hands can be tied when it comes to raises or bonuses, but you can use schedule flexibility, working from home, or other small perks to create balance for an immobile salary.

Good managers are the ones who recognize that it’s on them to ensure that they are engaging with their team. Do you need to find new managers who will live up to these values? Insight Talent Solutions has been serving clients in finding the best talent since 2007 and Sandra Smith has over 25 years of professional recruitment experience. She has placed first-class individuals with companies such as Microsoft, Johnson Controls, Miller Coors, and more. Call Sandra today and learn more about Insight’s custom recruiting programs.