Senior .NET Developer 

WPS Health Insurance – Madison, WI

Michael Schrotenboer used to work long hours as a Sr. Analyst, Application Development. Although there were certain aspects of the job that he enjoyed, he worried that his growth was limited and that it no longer coincided with his personal career goals. He yearned for a job where there would be an opportunity for him to realize a future leadership position. During this time, he was contacted by Insight Talent Solutions and began working with Sr. Recruiter, Sandra Smith. That was the turning point for Michael and today he happily works as a Senior .NET Developer at WPS in Madison. He is delighted that he received a great pay increase, is able to work full time from home, and is now able to spend more quality time with his family.


Describe your first encounter with Insight Talent Solutions. What made you want to respond to our messages?

“My first encounter with Insight Talent Solutions was a LinkedIn message from Sandra Smith asking if I would be interested in having a conversation with her about my career goals. I appreciated how she didn’t just try to offer me a job right away, but rather took time to get to know me and thoroughly understand my professional goals. Once she had a clear understanding of what I was looking for, she offered me a position that I was actually interested in.”

Describe your overall experience working with Sandra Smith. Specifically elaborate on whether she understood your personal motivations and interests and discuss the level of coaching she provided for you throughout the recruitment process.

“My experience working with Sandra was absolutely terrific! She understood both the technical and personal aspects of my career goals, and had a genuine interest in me as a person. During my interview with her, my 3-year-old daughter came in the room and started talking to me;   instead of being annoyed, Sandra spent some time talking to her and was very understanding.

The level of coaching that Sandra provided me with was phenomenal. I’ve always thought that I interviewed well, but this was by far the most prepared I have ever felt for an interview. I was able to quickly and confidently answer every single question that was asked of me.”

 What was your previous role, and can you tell me about your experience in that position?

“I was a Sr. Analyst, Application Development at an insurance company located in the Midwest. Although I loved my team members, I was concerned that my career growth was limited. My goal was to realize a future leadership position and the pathway on how to achieve that was unclear.  I think that my experience in this role was ideal to prepare me for the role at WPS.”

Tell me about your experience at WPS? How do you like your new role?

“When I interviewed with my new manager and the director of the OnBase team at WPS, they showcased a very promising future. They discussed with me in detail what my personal career path would look like and emphasized that if I could meet the expectations and achieve my goals, my future would be bright.

At WPS, the OnBase implementation was new, meaning that there would be a significant opportunity to have a big part in this implementation. The management team is progressive and are very well prepared to lead this implementation. I know that I will have the opportunity to learn a lot from my managers. In my first week of orientation, my manager and the director took me out to dinner and spoke about my role at WPS, and also spent time getting to know me personally. They made me feel very appreciated. Today, I love what I am doing, and I am looking forward to a long career with WPS.”

What has this new role meant for you and your family on a personal level?

“On personal level, this new job has been a dream come true! I have 3 young children, and I am now able to spend more time with them and help them get ready for school in the morning. It has reduced so much stress in our lives that I’m able to be around more often and my wife and I now have more time to work together as a team to care of our children.”

Describe your experience of going through Insight Talent Solutions to find a new career, versus going through another recruitment agency or just being “on your own”?

“I have had a poor experience working with other recruiters. The ones I have worked with are intent on trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and are more interested in if I can physically do the job, rather than will this new job be a good fit for me personally. It was also frustrating trying to find a job on my own, and that’s why I’m glad that I responded to Sandra’s messages. She was unlike other recruiters in that she was invested in helping me find a career that I would love and feel personally fulfilled by and interested in.”

Would you recommend Insight Talent Solutions to someone who is looking for a new career? If so, why?

“Not only would I recommend Insight Talent Solutions to someone else, I actually have! My brother is looking for a new career and I told him about my experience working with Sandra. They are in the process of working together to find him a new job, and I’m confident that he will have as good of an experience as I have had.”


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